Our Services

We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive range of services for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Full Skin Check

We provide a meticulously thorough, full skin examination. Full skin check appointments take 30 minutes, however those with an excessively large number of moles are allotted a 45 minute or hour-long appointment.

Skin Cancer Surgery

Our doctors are skilled to perform simple and advanced excisions including flap surgeries and graft surgeries under local anaesthetic at The Melanoma Centre.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Non-surgical treatments such as cryocautery-liquid nitrogen, electrofulguration and topical treatments can also be used.

Counselling and Referrals

Our expertise is not limited to skin checks and surgery. We are happy to discuss and welcome addressing any concerns you may have regarding your skin, skin checks, treatment options or complications.

Corporate Services

We offer corporate skin checks and other services, however, in order to maintain the high standards of our services, we require the employees to come to our clinic for all appointments. 

Research Contributions

Our doctors are continuously involved in professional development and research in the field of skin cancer.

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