Full Skin Checks

We provide a meticulously thorough, full skin examination. Full skin check appointments take 30 minutes, however those with an excessively large number of moles are allotted a 45 minute or hour-long appointment.

Skin Checks

The skin check comprises of an examination of the toes and toenails and soles of the feet, the front of the lower limbs, abdomen and chest, and front and sides (napes) of the neck. The patient is also requested to roll over and the entire process is repeated, including an examination of the backs of the lower legs, thighs, buttocks and the entire back to the posterior neck, including under the hairline.

The torso examination further comprises of the examination of fingernails followed by the fingers, hands, forearms, arms and armpits (axillae). The face is also examined in detail under magnification. Lastly, the examination comprises of carefully parting the hair looking for moles and skin cancer.

While the “FULL SKIN CHECK” takes half an hour or more, we offer an immediate “SPOT CHECK” service for up to 3 or 4 moles or spots that may be concerning you.

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