Corporate Services

We offer corporate skin checks and other services, however in order to maintain the high standards of our services, we require the employees to come to our clinic for all appointments.

Corporate Services

At The Melanoma Centre, we believe our exceptional quality services are supported by the provision of our purpose built consultation rooms and state-of-the-art procedure room. We feel we cannot provide the same level of service to patients if we conduct skin checks at their workplace instead of at our clinic, and therefore do not offer services at locations outside of The Melanoma Centre.

We offer corporate agreements and accounts where the workplace can be invoiced directly instead of charging the patients, and we can also provide customised reports to companies based on their preferences.

Please note the corporate services are charged the same fees as for our regular patients, but with GST charged on top and no Medicare rebate applicable on the consultation fee.

If you need more information, please email us at

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