Dr Solange Samantha Green

B.Medicine (Dist), FRACGP, FSCCA

Dr Solange Samantha Green is passionate about skin cancer medicine. She is appreciated by her patients for her thorough and caring approach.

She has extensive qualifications in skin cancer and skin conditions and is an accredited Doctor of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia.

Born in Paris, Dr Green is an Australian graduate of the University of Newcastle Medical School where she graduated with a distinction. She is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Dr Green is a Fellow of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia and has won a prize for the highest mark in the final examination in Australia and New Zealand.

She holds a diploma of Dermatology (Distinction), has completed a diploma of Dermoscopy (Distinction) and a diploma in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery, as well as a certificate of Dermoscopy and a certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery. She received a distinction in the fellowship examination of Dermatology with the Australian Institute of Dermatology and is a GP Fellow of the Australian Institute of Dermatology.

Dr Green enjoys time with her patients and loves bushwalking and mountain biking with her family. She can often be found with her nose in a book.

Dr Green has a keen interest in the management of patients with multiple skin cancers, diagnosis of subtle skin cancers and management of skin cancer with appropriate non-surgical and surgical techniques. Dr Green will also remove cysts and lipomas.  She does this by making a small incision and then removing the cyst or lipoma through this small incision, in order to keep the scar small.

Working Days

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